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I help non-traditional business owners spark their creative thinking, align their brand with their amazing self, and start meaningful conversations with the right people for their business growth.

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You are passionate and have been working hard to make a positive impact in the world. I see you, gradually shifting the conversation. I'm sure you have lots of ideas for your business. Now it's time to create the visual + mental space for these ideas and conversations to flow. And, it's time to connect with (+ inspire) the right people for your business growth. But how?

As an independent creativity strategist + brand designer, I work with non-traditional business owners seeking meaningful conversations which push industry boundaries. Are you ready to build a brand as unique as you? A purposeful, personal brand which introduces you to your ideal audience? Let's start a conversation. I'm excited to hear your story.

creativity strategy

Discover new ideas for fueling your creative thinking, engage in a creative brain dump, or dig deep into the heart of you + your business.

purposeful branding

Let's build a brand that aligns with who you are and why you started your business. Purposeful visuals will introduce you to your people.

graphic design

From brand collateral to website design to book design, I am here to help you move your business or project forward.

Learn what Evelyn Grundy Design can do for you.

Come Explore

  • who you are and the story you want to share with the world;
  • that creative, peaceful space before the day spins into action;
  • how purposeful, clean, design can resonate with your audience.

My Process

It's simple. It's purposeful. It's encouraging. Clients have described their experience as a proverbial warm hug, or like spending the afternoon sitting by a gorgeous ski resort fireplace planning their future with a close friend over a cup of coffee.

The following is a quick guide to our working relationship.


Care to join me? Let's discuss your design needs; determine the best course of action and implement that plan in the most effective and efficient way possible. The final result will be a brand which tells your story, the true WHY of your business, and attracts aligned clients and customers who are ready for your unique offer. This is your journey. Make it rewarding.

I want you to have space to enjoy your journey, connect with your tribe,+ achieve your possibility.

Ana Johnson

If you want to work with someone who will make things easier and simple for YOU, I highly recommend Evelyn. Her work is straightforward and truly reflects who she is as a person and designer.

Ana Johnson Reisdorf

The Productive Parent