Branding, Marketing + Growing Your Small Business

January 1, 2018

5 Actionable Small Business Resolutions Worthy of Your Time

This time of year, it seems like everyone is busy making resolutions. Whether it’s small business resolutions or personal resolutions, the results are often the same. Get healthy, travel more, spend more time with the family, become debt free, improve my time management skills… and the list continues. Halfway through the year, people become discouraged read more…

December 18, 2017

10 Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Branding

Let me guess… You’re a new business owner trying to learn the ins and outs of small business management You have been in business several years but just not seeing the return on investment you would like, or You have good sales but are ready to engage a new target audience …and you’ve heard about read more…

December 4, 2017

8 Signs You Should Invest in Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

As a small business owner or service provider, branding is a crucial part of your business success. Is your brand playing on the same level as your competitors? Is it attracting the right kind of clients? Surprisingly, brand identity is not the first thing that comes to mind for small business owners facing a growth read more…

November 16, 2017

Help! I Don’t Have Time To Blog – Time Saving Tips for Small Business Owners.

For years, I’ve debated blogging. For years, I’ve found a million and one excuses not to blog. Until now. I have run out of excuses. Why? Because for years, I have “played” small business owner. For years, I have tried to grow my design business while avoiding blogging. The truth is, as I now understand, read more…